Survey & Statistical Computing

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We offer consultancy services covering
advice, design, implementation and execution for
data capture, management, storage, analysis and dissemination with
surveys and other statistical data.

Processing Survey and Statistical data


Paper from ASC 2007 on
Developments in Statistical Metadata

Papers from the Opus Project on
Managing Metadata for Statistical Models

Paper on
Combining Data and Knowledge in Models

Paper on
Models and Statistical Metadata

(includes discussion of XML )

Presentation on
XML and Data Exchange

Outline for MSc module in Statistical Computing

Databases for Survey and Statistical data

Multi-way tables for the Storage of Summary Data

Dissemination Systems for Survey and Statistical information

Statistical Analysis

Training in Design, Analysis and Implementation for IT systems for Statistical and Survey applications

General IT Support for Statistical Applications

Web and e-mail hosting and management services

We offer advice on the choice of tools for survey and statistical processing, whether you wish to use standard statistical packages or intend to build a customised database for a particular project. We can assist in the fundamental design of a project to ensure that computer implementation is straightforward and to smooth the relationship between research and IT departments, and we can help in the design and implementation of processing and dissemination systems. We concentrate on the particular problems associated with databases for dissemination of statistical information, with proper regard to the needs of both expert and ad hoc users, with adequate functionality and metadata to support both discovery and analysis.

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S&SC was a partner in the Opus project, which ended in June 2006.
S&SC was a partner in the Metanet project, which ended in July 2003

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